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What is it?

     We live, eat and breathe copy. The online world is made up of many self-appointed experts that are continually leading the masses into the ditch. It is truly a case of the blind leading the blind. Every day, we see examples of copy that is being taught online that not only “does not work”, but it can cause problems with anyone who decides to use it. This association was formed as an answer to the bad copy proponents and acts as a safe-haven for those who wish to learn the art of copy without the hype and lies. 

What is our stance?

     Using lying, hype and fake scarcity is not selling. The same “slick”, car-salesmen techniques that churn and burn customer loyalty are being taught as gospel online. These techniques will not only end your career as a copywriter quickly, they are unethical and they can never be used to build a long-term business on. What you’re NOT being told is their way, SLOOOWS down your profits to a crawl. It’s like the 2-3 year building a lego building & smashing it down. Fun as a kid, but it doesn’t work in business and it will keep you from firing YOUR boss! 

How can I become a member?

     We have two levels of membership, free and paid. With our free membership, you get free daily copy tips to help you with your projects. With our invite only membership, you will get a monthly newsletter, aimed at helping you understand the concepts of copywriting. However, with all of the misinformation online, it is easy to get locked into a mindset that can prevent even the best from truly understanding how to write effective copy that sells.

Find Out Why Getting Away From The “Norm” Will Help You Make More of the Green Stuff.

We’ve seen it everywhere. We’ve see the fake scarcity and the outright lies trying to sell us something online.

It’s one of the cases of “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”, or is it?

What if we are being fooled with a different version of the same lie over and over?

However, even though many suspect the fake screenshots and the outright lies, still, new people that come online (and even those who are getting ready to break into a new income level) can be tripped up by this deception.

Can We Stop This Madness and Actually Make Some Money?

It is simply a case of someone yelling, “Hey! I’m great. Come over here and let me teach you!

Sound familiar? I think almost everyone has fallen for this trap.

But, do people stay trapped forever? Some do and they never get into the life God has planned for them.

All because of LIES.

The question is, are you trapped in the 4 walls of bad copy?

I don’t know the extent of the lies people believe because there are so many online. However, what I can tell you is that the more you stay here, the more the light bulbs are going to go off in your head. Light bulbs that will make this part of your life easier.

I can tell you from experience that it’s wonderful to have clear cut direction when you sit down to a blank page and need it to produce opt-ins or sales the very next day

I will also shine the light and expose what is costing you time and money in your business and what is keeping you from getting started and thriving online.

In many cases (and I can tell you from coaching people personally), this mis-information goes undetected and has the potential to literally cripple someone’s career permanently.

The Internet Now? 97% BAD Info / 3% Good Info

(I am being generous here)

So, what do you do?

Glad you asked.

You are about to embark on a journey that will distance you far, far away from the poverty birthing online sale’s and copywriting techniques.