Can You *Increase The Desire* For What You Are Selling?

Within the field of copywriting there are a few different schools
of thought.
One thought says that you can sell anything as long as your copy
is good enough.
The other school of thought says that it is impossible to create a desire
for product, your copy can only enhance that particular desire.
The school of thought focuses on channeling the specific desires
that are in a specific niche.
For example..
There is a massive desire for people to lose weight.
And, if you are selling a product in this niche, and then you would
simply focus on this particular problem and amplify the emotions
that are associated with this.
But how do you increase the desire for something that someone
does not know anything about and may not have a desire for?
It’s difficult.
And many large have lost millions of dollars trying to do this.
Without getting into too much detail, you can “transfer their desire”.
This is done by showing them they are looking for what
you are offering too.
This takes clever wordsmithing.
Use this power for good my friend.
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