How to make your prospects buy.

Going from NO to YES.




If you're looking for an easy button to riches online or the 3 magic words to say to make someone buy.

This isn't for you then.

But, if you're looking for a real education and want to know the psychology of why people are buying from your competitors, and not you.

I can help.

But...if you want it overnight.

This definitely isn't for you.

A real business that makes real money takes face time.

translate = you typing on the computer.

Not that hard right?

But, if you're typing the wrong things and sending the wrong messages to your audience, and don't have the right setup, then they will just go somewhere else and BUY from someone else.

And get this.....

Someone with more than likely the EXACT SAME PRODUCT!



Most of the time, people lose customers to who those less skilled and less intelligent than yourself.

This is because they haven't met the FUTURE YOU.

1. They haven't met the person that really understands online buyer psychology and the steps that must be taken in order to have them buy.

2. They haven't met the person that understands that people are going to say, NO, by not buying and what to do about and how to build a funnel in order to get these people to eventually say yes.

This process can be automated..BTW.




There are only 2 types of people on the internet.

Ones who succeed, and those who WANT to succeed, but can't figure out how.

Those who don't succeed try information that is SUPPOSED to work, but it never does.

FACT: Both of these type of people have very good reasons to want to succeed.

They want a better life, they want to be able to easily provide for their family and give their children everything that they could ever want.

They want life on their terms and not a boss who tells them what to do.

However, one of these individuals makes a very daring decision on a daily basis.

They decide not to listen to the hype, they don't believe the screenshots that they know deep inside that are fake, and they make a decision to dedicate their life to learn only what works and stay away from anything else that looks shifty and shady.

On the other end of the spectrum.......

there is a group of people (millions in number) that reads email after email, with the same hope in mind,  crossing their fingers that their next purchase will help them hit it big.

They almost ignore everything that looks like it will take over a day or week to succeed because they have been lied to and trained...not to work.

In fact, the very sales pages this individual reads practically teach against any type of thinking and decision making.

They think something's wrong if they have to think. (???) 

This group has been sold...THE MAGIC BUTTON....that doesn't exist.

What this group doesn't realize is that they are working & thinking MUCH HARDER than they would than if they had the information our successful one do

Whose fault is this?

One can never tell.

But what we do know is that they are getting nowhere fast and the longer it takes, the more frustrated they get.

What happened to our successful group?

Right now, they are brushing up on their skills, writing more emails and sales pages, and establishing controls so they can make even more money.

They don't go to sleep wondering and fretting, in fact, each evening is met with a warm smile and satisfaction.

This sounds like a dream to those who can't figure it out, and they are right, but what they don't realize is that it's only the RIGHT information that's keeping them out of this group.

This group, the Converts, are the ones who literally control the flow of money on the internet.

They write sales pages that people literally fall into and in many cases, their prospects trust them and fall in love with the product before the end of the sales page or VSL.

Is this magic?


Can anyone do it? 


Surprised I said that? It's the truth, very few will ever spend the money or take the time it takes to learn an extremely valuable skill.

It would be just as silly trying to learn algebra just going to class a couple of times and not paying attention.

The same happens with the skill of making money online. It's a skill and it requires knowledge.

This is why few make it.


Don't be.

The ones who don't make it don't even read this far.

The only thing separating you from your dream is information...the RIGHT information.

Information that can be applied and one that actually has a conversion rate, instead of a big fat zero everytime a promotion is run.





Copywriting is a skill that very few take the time to learn.

However, when you learn this skill you suddenly have to be careful with what you're selling because you realize that people are going to buy whatever it is you are selling.

This person who understands how to make people buy possesses of power that very few have.

He possesses a power that many of the get rich quick schemes and push button solutions that never deliver the promise to give their audience.

What many don't realize is that they will spend thousands and thousands of dollars throughout their life on do nothing and get paid software and courses when it they just took the exact same effort and money and put into a program that worked, they would be the ones that  would be creating products in teaching people how it's really done.


The Convert (TM) is a monthly newsletter aimed to help continually smart business men and women get even smarter as they hone in on their skills of turning words into profit.

Think of it as a University Style Course in what works in the real world without the $40,000 price tage attached to it.

And unlike College, the skills taught each month are 100% applicable in your business THAT DAY.


1. What's Working With Email:

Email has been taught is so many ways, that many are just as confused as those teaching it. Every month, we not only give you emails you can use that are copyright free, but we show you why they work and how to create more just like it.

Email can easily double & triple your profit margin when done correctly.

But most stop. In our welcome kit, we will introduce you to our methodology and why it works. Once you understand this, your business can take on a whole new face.

This alone is worth the price of admission each month.


2. Copywriting & Buyer Psychology - How to write words that persuade & sell

Not understanding what makes people buy and feel a kinship with a product and brand is a fundamental mistake that many online marketers make. However, this not taught en masse' online. We are told that buyers are stupid...

But they aren't.

Buyers are highly evolved due to the internet and being able to reach their heart to trust you takes great skill.

There are so many nuggets that combining all of these would easily fill a 1000 page text book and sell for $1000's of dollars.

And they pay for it each day.

This is understanding that only the rich possess.

Each month, we will delve into a different nugget and go into detail on how this nugget can  be applied to 


*Sales Pages

*Video Sales Pages

*Online Advertising


The price for the current month of The Convert is only $197. Yes, we know that is cheap as we may increase the price soon. If you we do raise the price, if you keep your current subscription you will forever be grandfathered in.

You may cancel at any time, but if price increases, we can only offer what's available to the public.

I cannot make any guarantees what our newsletter (and anyone that does is ALWAYS lying to you) will do for you because I don't know your business or your work ethic and what you will decide to use in your business.

But what I can tell you is that most (if not all) of the information you read on a monthly basis will be something will be approached from an angle that you have never heard before.