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My average sales letter this year has converted at about 8% and has taken me less than 60 minutes to write.

And you can do it to, with my simple, simple formula.

You see, a sales letter is simply you talking with your prospect about their problem and suggesting a solution – your solution.

It’s really that easy.

But people make it overly difficult.

And now I’ll prove it to you.

I’ve created a cutting-edge training on exactly how to write a sales letter from scratch, without any specialized “secret formula.”

In this training, I will show you how to really talk to your audience. In fact, this course is THE basis for any advanced training that I offer on copywriting.

Bottom line, you MUST understand this before you take your game further.

In fact, there is one thing in particular that you will be convincing your readers of.

And if they are convinced on that one thing and they can afford you – they WILL buy from you!

Introducing my powerful training, Core Copy Foundation . . . 100% guaranteed!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

    • How to easily open your sales letter (It’s a really simple formula, and YOU can do it today!)
    •  How to talk your reader through understanding their problem so that they WANT to solve their problem
    •  How to tell your story so that you identify with your prospects so that they will buy from you
    • How to CLOSE in your sales letter(if you can’t do this, you can’t sell from print, right?)
    •  How to create an emotional bond in your sales letter (this is so easy, yet hardly anyone seems to do it – you’ll know how!)
    •  How to use the right words at the right time to convince prospects that they should buy from YOU

Look, I know that I have made it sound so simple.And it is once you learn this.

However, if you have been told that NLP and secret language patterns make a real sales letter, then you have been lied too.

This may have it’s place,  but it will NEVER be a REPLACEMENT for this training.

And once you go through this training, you will feel the same way.This foundation training shows YOU how to make it so very simple as well.

You see, sales letter writing shouldn’t be some guarded secret that you can only learn if you invest $2,000 in a high priced course.

Instead, it should be something that EVERYONE – including YOU – can do!


Is not being able to write a sales letter the single biggest thing that is holding you back from success online?

You see, no matter how many subscribers you get, no matter how much free traffic you drive, if you can’t write a sales letter, you probably can’t make sales.

And if you can’t make sales, you probably aren’t making any money.

There are those out there that would tell you that the reason you aren’t making money is because you haven’t bought their $97 system.

But the truth is this: if you can’t write a sales letter, then you can’t convince someone to buy from you, right?

And if you can’t convince someone to buy from you, you just can’t make any money, can you?

Change all of this today.

Download my “Core Copy Foundation” below and let’s begin a new journey of being “un “- confused when it come to copywriting.

All for your profits,

William Twiner

P.S. Perhaps you are thinking, can I really do this?

First off, I would say this to you: Yes, you can.

Even you.

Yes, you.

YOU can write sales letters in minutes, not days.

My training proves it.

I believe that strongly in this method that once you go through, you will see that this is the ONLY way to get into copywriting.

The truth is, You can do it. Yes, YOU.

You can get started now for less than the price of dinner and a movie.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that this product will solve yourcopywriting problem that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All I ask is you try out The Copy Foundatoin for [30 days] and if you haven’t get [insert big benefit here] in [X days], then I don’t want your money.